Wireless Remote Control Manufacturing Solutions

Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions for companies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Conserving time, money and manpower is our ultimate goal!

We create custom handheld controllers and receivers for all types of electrical and hydraulic equipment, from cranes and combines, to military vehicles and locomotives. Having the ability to control heavy equipment via wireless radio remote reduces work place accidents and decreases the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks. We can even retrofit your existing equipment! Contact us today!

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Operating Heavy Machinery With Industrial Remote Controls

When it comes to wireless and radio remote control technology, Microtronics, LLC. is one of the leading wireless solutions manufacturers. We listen to the needs of our partners and develop custom solutions that increase productivity, manageability and safety. If your operations include hydraulic or electrical machinery, we can probably develop a wireless remote control to handle the processes.

Improve Safety With Radio Remote Controls

Microtronics wireless radio control solutions allows for intuitive machine operation from a safe distance. Mitigate the risk of workplace accidents while increasing the efficiency by allowing the operator to be exactly where they need to be instead of being constrained by a control panel or wired control.