OEM Manufacturing & Wireless Remote Control Solutions

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions to improve the products of other manufacturers . Reach out and ask how to partner with us!

We create custom wireless controllers and receivers for all types of industrial machinery, spanning many different sectors of business. Having the added functionality to control heavy equipment via wireless radio controller creates added value for for your clients. We can even retrofit your existing equipment!

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Improve Your Product Development by Leveraging Wireless Radio Technology

When it comes to wireless and radio remote control technology, Microtronics, LLC. is one of the leading wireless solutions manufacturers. We listen to the needs of our partners and develop custom solutions that increase productivity, manageability and safety. If you produce hydraulic or electrical equipment for industrial use, we can create an entirely custom embedded controller for your product.

OEM Custom Design

Microtronics wireless radio control solutions welcomes opportunities for customization and private labeling of anything in our product line. Our engineers have many years of experience in adding remote control solutions to our partner's product development.

From track vehicles to tub grinders, from bulk feeders to concrete pumps, material handling cranes, locomotives and trucks, we're sure to have a solution to fit your product.