Wireless Control & Towing Equipment

Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions for companies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Conserving time, money and manpower is our ultimate goal!

This is an industry game-changer. Improve the profitability of your towing company through integration of Microtronics wireless remote control devices today. We develop customizable remote solutions for flatbed tow trucks, wreckers, recovery vehicles and many more!

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Remote Control Solutions for Towing Machinery

Microtronics designs wireless systems for the towing and the winching industry including easy operation of single-speed winches on mobile equipment such as recovery trucks, tow trucks, off-road vehicles, as well as remote control systems for flatbed tow trucks, wreckers and many other types of recovery vehicles. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

Hydraulic Valves

Microtronics wireless remote controls provide peace of mind and protect the safety of tow truck operators by allowing loads to be on-boarded precisely without the need for constant manual operation of valves.


Winch Controllers

Your recovery operation is only as successful as the operability of its winch. The average winch controllers on industrial tow equipment regularly wear out and require replacement. With Microtronic's winch controllers you can avoid downtime, which protects the profitability of your fleet and the integrity of your operations. 


Side Cranes

Wireless remote operation of side cranes allows rigging and guiding to be performed by one person, this improves the safety of the recovery and preserves resources that can be allocated elsewhere. Microtronics remote controlled side cranes also give the operator the advantage of not having a fixed vantage point, instead the perspective can be easily shifted to maximize precision.


Brake Controllers

Microtronics wireless brake controllers can be integrated into any towing vehicle without the need for equipment modifications. This allows wireless remote controlled brake controllers to be used in any vehicle without timely and costly installations and offers the benefit of being customizable for brake sensitivity.