Wireless Remote Control Cranes

Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions for companies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Conserving time, money and manpower is our ultimate goal!

Remote control systems for cranes and other lifting machinery improve levels of safety and reliability. Because of the size and weight of materials being lifted, accidents can be catastrophic. With radio transmitter solutions workplace accidents can be reduced and workers kept safe. The crane and lifting sector varies widely, so contact us with your business needs and see if we can find a solution for you!

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Handheld Remote Controls for Lifting & Crane Applications

Microtronics has developed custom solutions to meet the rigorous requirement of the crane industry. From simple hoists to gantry cranes, we will provide a complete multiplexed solution that will reduce the cost and complexity of your crane.

Electrical Hoists

A hoist is a chain lifting device used for lighter loads, such as moving heavy parts within a factory. With a Microtronics wireless remote control solution installed on your electrical hoist you can create a safer work environment, allowing users to move heavy machinery and parts from a distance.


Electric Overhead Traversing Cranes

EOT cranes are typically found in warehouses and factories, running on tracks that are attached to the ceiling. These cranes are used for lifting very heavy loads, up to 100 metric tons. Microtronics will design a wireless remote control solution that will allow you to pick up, move, and place these dangerously sized loads. Save time and improve safety with one of our wireless radio solutions!