Wireless Control For Mining & Aggregate

Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions for companies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Conserving time, money and manpower is our ultimate goal!

Remote control equipment in the mining and aggregate industries provide a safe, trustworthy and profit-enhancing option in project fulfillment for any size job. Wireless remote controls allow for performance optimization that increase efficiency and ensures maximum yields and profitability from your mine. Wireless command of industrial mining and aggregate machinery equates a minimized risk of injury for the operator who can manage functioning from a distant, advantageous vantage.

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Remote Control Solutions for Mining Equipment

Microtronics handhelds, transmitters, receivers and controllers are easy-to-use and customizable to fit any manner of industrial mining equipment. Microtronics outfits its remote control devices with power and emergency stop switches, rechargeable batteries with wall chargers, customizable decals and other features that serve to make devices easily portable, customizable and user-friendly. We also offer a range of accessories and products that serve to make your remote control devices fully functional and adaptable. We can service your mining equipment and machinery.

Loading Machines

Loading and hauling systems are an integral part of a mining operation. Microtronics wireless remote controls are an integratable solution that allow your loaders to quickly dig through and move high volumes of materials and fill buckets in all site conditions while allowing the operator to remain at a distance to view the most efficient use of the machine.


Crushing Equipment

Remote operation of rock crushing equipment improves the safety of your mining operation. Operating your crushers from a distance reduces the possibility of equipment collisions and allows the destruction of oversize materials in remote, potentially hazardous locations without putting workers in harm's way.


Drilling Equipment

Efficient drilling practices are ubiquitous with a mining site's success. Microtronics wireless controls are programmable to allow the operator to ensure that drills are positioned precisely while simultaneously monitoring surrounding factors that could influence the excavation site.


Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Microtronics wireless radio control solutions reimagines the performance of industrial cranes and other lifting equipment. Remote control winches allow your lifts to hoist various-sized loads quickly, in any location, and produce repeatable, reliable results regardless of the depth of the mine or the size of the anticipated payload.