Wireless Control & Agricultural Applications

Microtronics, LLC. develops wireless remote control solutions for companies to improve productivity, efficiency and safety. Conserving time, money and manpower is our ultimate goal!

Through advancements in GPS, sensor technology and data management, the capabilities of wireless control technology and automation have increased exponentially. From seed and fertilizer tenders to remote controlled tractor attachments and standalone agricultural equipment, Microtronics can develop a solution that fits your needs. These agricultural applications will benefit small, family-owned farms, or large-scale, thousand acre farming operations. Learn more about how wireless remote controls can boost your agricultural efficiency.

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Remote Control Solutions for Agricultural Machinery

Microtronics, LLC. has developed custom solutions to increase efficiency in the agricultural industry. Our controls provide precise control of hydraulics, electrical power management/distribution, and cab controls. Microtronics can provide a complete multiplexed solution that will reduce the cost and complexity of your agricultural machinery and implementation.

Harvesting Machines

A wide array of harvesters can be controlled with ease and efficiency. With a Microtronics wireless remote control solution installed on pull behind attachments or application specific machinery you can control the speed, turn functions on and off, adjust harvesting settings and more.


Baling Equipment

Microtronics will design a wireless remote control solution that will allow you to pick up, move, release and unroll bales from the comfort of your cab. From sunrise to sunset, your livestock demand your attention. Allow us to develop a solution that improves the speed at which you bale hay to better tend to the needs of your livestock.


Silage Covering

Clamp silos sometimes have covering systems that travel the length of the silo, commonly consisting of a rail, winch and portal system. These could easily be controlled from the tractor with remote control instead of having to exit your vehicle and use the control panel on the silage covering application.


Seed & Fertilizer Tenders

Microtronics wireless radio control solutions allows for intuitive control of many seed or fertilizer tenders from the comfort and safety of your combine cab. With one of our wireless remote control systems, most agricultural material transfer applications can be handled easily, with increased efficiency, safety and productivity.